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The School of Korean Music of Chung-Ang University is the largest Korean Music Institute in Korea. educating theory and practice professionally throughout the entire field of Korea. The School of Korean Music is composed of the Department of Performance, Composition and Theory - Korean Orchestra and Creative Music Works, and the Department of Vocal, Musical and Percussion - Musical Play and Percussion. The education of the School of Korean Music is aimed at training students as 'multifaceted artists' equipped with practical artistic skills. By offering curriculums focused on enhancing students' performance and improving their teaching skills. the School is expanding the pool of Korean music and contributing to the globalization of Korean art. 36

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1) Department of Music and Arts

The department is broken down into Korean classical orchestral music and creative musicology. A sub-major in Korean classical orchestral music promotes balanced between classical and creative music by playing and studying the area as well as Asian music. Based on comprehensive education that encompasses enjoyment. singing, and dancing, its educational objective is to foster excellent professional performing artists.

2) Department of Party Arts

The department includes sub-majors in pansori. seong-ak jangdan. folk songs, gayageum byeongchang, jeongga, singing and acting, pungmul, and special percussions. Under the spirit of 'Creating the New Emulating the Past.' it inherits the tradition without distortion and offers education in traditional dances and dramatic entertainment. Based on the education offered, the department aims to nurture experts in performing arts that will lead the creation of a new traditional art that allows for interaction with the current era.

Department of Music and Arts Jaeyoung Kim 82-31-670-4733 knamwoo21@hanmail.net
Department of Music and Arts llryun Kim 82-31-670-4741 ilryun@cau.ac.kr
Department of Music and Arts Hyunghwan Lee 82-31-670-4742 nicel@cau.ac.kr
Department of Music and Arts Sanghwa Choi 82-31-670-4738 iamsorrychoi@hanmail.net
Department of Music and Arts Sungkooc Kim 82-31-670-4734 sory021@hanmail.net
Department of Music and Arts Haerina Park 82-31-670-4730 haerina@cau.ac.kr
Department of Party Arts Hobung Chung 82-31-670-4739 capajung@hanmail.net
Department of Party Arts Seungseok Han 82-31-670-4750 hanss@cau.ac.kr


Department of Music and Arts

In-depth learning

The lecturers are the famous musicians who have contributed greatly to the Korean traditional music and are considered as the intangible cultural assets. They provide in-depth lectures for students. and the performance classes are done in the performance hall for vivid feeling. The department provides the studio with recording equipments and 40 individual practice rooms; students are trained to upgrade their individual capabilities by providing performance activities for each major.

Exchange programs

The department also participates in exchange programs with major institutions in various countries including China (Nanjing College of Arts. Sandong University. Zhejiang College of Media Education. Huazhong University). Thailand (Rajabhat University. Silpakorn University). Vietnam (National School of Music) and Cambodia (National College of Arts. Pannasastra University) to become a hub for culture university in Asia and provides balanced education between traditional. creative and Asian music.

Department of Party Arts

Converged practicing education

The department provides one-to-one interactions with experienced faculty members like intangible cultural assets and veteran performers in the national orchestras for the students to study their majors more. Those experienced experts teach percussions. musical instruments. performances. speeches. physical exercises. traditional and contemporary dances and various theories to nurture converged human resources for the current society.

Site training from performances

The department provides classes and special lectures for the students to learn various performance contents and holds advanced regular performances. invitational performances and complete performances to realize and train themselves as performers.

Department of Music and Arts

Members of national and public art companies. Musical play groups, Korean traditional percussion bands. Broadcasting stations. Teachers of Korean classical music-related school etc.

Department of Party Arts

Members of national and public art companies. Musical play groups, Korean traditional percussion bands. Broadcasting stations. Teachers of Korean classical music-related school etc.

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