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The School of Music consists of four departments: Orchestra, Voice, Composition. and Piano. Students will work closely with our dedicated and talented faculty members and have various performance opportunities. Students will benefit from a diverse and challenging curriculum that includes specialized coursework in their chosen area. The students will attend recital classes and take specialized courses in ear training and harmonic applications designed to develop their performance skills. They also will be able to interact with alumni and master performers to help them develop an aesthetic and critical understanding of the meaning of quality performance.

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1) Department of Orchestral Music

The Department of Orchestral Music includes 17 specified majors including strings, wind instruments and percussions. The department has the orchestral performance hall with 1 00 seats. chamber music rooms. and private lesson rooms. The department annually holds several concerts for students to show their talents. Students will have opportunities to work with alumni who are in leading Korean orchestras and music industry./p>

2) Department of Voice Music

The Department of Voice Music seeks to integrate two concepts voice itself and the techniques to produce the highest quality performance. We aim to achieving top-notch singing techniques; thus. we offer foreign language diction classes for Italian. German. French. and English. From our specialized courses. the students should be able to integrate knowledge of posture. breathing, and singing techniques into daily practice routine and apply knowledge of musical styles in improvisation and performances.

3) Department of Composition

The department offers practical education in compositional theory, practicum and diverse musicrelated areas. and has been exerting an effort to cultivate creative professionals with a goal to develop music culture. To provide differentiated future-oriented education, the department is divided into chorus direction. visual music composition. and modern music composition majors. It boosts students' passion for composition by recommending them to submit their pieces of music at musical presentations held at both in and outside the school, prestigious concerts in Korea, and various musical competitions.

4) Department of Piano

The department once integrated three aspects of piano major (professional performance. accompaniment. and teaching), but now we offer these three aspects separately depending on what a student would like to pursue. These majors are offered in both undergraduate and graduate level for the students to continually polish their skills as professionals. Our department provides various opportunities for students to hold recitals. concerts. ensembles. music camps, and piano festivals to showcase their mastering skills.

Department of Orchestral Music Conductor Nosang Geum 82-31-670-3321 geum@cau.ac.kr
Department of Orchestral Music Oboe llgyu Ham 82-31-670-3322 063765@cau.ac.kr
Department of Orchestral Music Tuba Jaeyoung Heo 82-31-670-3292 heotuba@hanmail.net
Department of Orchestral Music Cello Yeonsun Joo 82-31-670-3317 jooyeonsun@hotmail.com
Department of Voice Music Voice Dongho Shin 82-31-670-3303 stella290@daum.net
Department of Voice Music Voice Jaehwan Lee 82-31-670-3304 pancettone@daum.net
Department of Voice Music Voice Heajung Yang 82-31-670-3299 amelia57@cyworld.com
Department of Composition Composition Boogie Chung 82-31-670-3295 boogie54@hanmail.net
Department of Composition Composition lnsun Cho 82-31-670-3296 komponistin@yahoo.co.kr
Department of Composition Composition Hanna Lee 82-31-670-3297 choong25@cau.ac.kr
Department of Composition Composition Leeje Park 82-31-670-3294 2j-back@hanmail.net
Department of Piano Piano Younwha Lee 82-31-670-3307 younwha@cau.ac.kr
Department of Piano Piano Hyekyoung Lee 82-31-670-3310 hyekyunglee@naver.com
Department of Piano Piano pedagogy Wankyu Chung 82-31-670-3692 wkchung@cau.ac.kr
Department of Piano Musical education Jinho Choi 82-31-670-3312 hochoi68@hotmail.com


Department of Orchestral Music

Practice and performance

The department has the orchestral performance hall with 1 00 seats. chamber music rooms. and private lesson rooms to enrich the students' stay at this department.


The department holds seminars with faculty members and alumni of performers in recitals and concerts for students.

Department of Voice Music

Student-oriented support

The department provides practice-centered vocalization and singing methods by highly qualified faculty members. Students will have access to numerous music books and references in our large archive.

Comfortable practice rooms

Students can use personal practice rooms equipped with comfortable and accessible facilities.

Department of Composition

Student-oriented environment

The department holds various seminars and master classes with local and foreign experts to teach various fields to help shape the students to be creative experts in leading the future culture of music.

Specialized majors

The Department of Composition consists of the choral conduction. broadcasting and film music and composition. The students can choose their specific major in their third year and are trained with rigorous curriculum specific to that major.

Department of Piano

Exchange programs

The department provides opportunities including master classes with renowned foreign professors for the students to experience world-class lectures and performances and supports the students to participate in international competitions and music camps.

Supporting activities

The students broaden their experiences by participating in workshops. festivals. clubs. and alumni performances. The culture and art specialist certificate is awarded to the students who finished designated courses offered in the Department of Piano.

Department of Orchestral Music

Various music-related jobs including local and overseas professional performers. orchestra members. chamber music performer. conductor. music PD

Department of Voice Music

Local and foreign musical groups, choir member. opera singer. director. conductor

Department of Composition

Composers in various fields in Korea and overseas. broadcasting station, studio engineer

Department of Piano

Professional performer. accompanist. chamber music performer. piano instructor. music teacher. planner in media and broadcasting station

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