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The School of Fine Arts consists of three departments: Korean painting, Western painting, and sculpture. The school aims to provide students holistic arts education and guide them to be the leading innovators of their fields. There are specialized classes in which all of the students are expected to collaborate on projects with other students from different

Fine Arts departments. Through this experience. students are expected to expand their critical and artistic thinking skills and knowledge.

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1) Department of Korean Painting

The Department of Korea Painting encourages students to develop their own aesthetics that reflects back on the social. political. economical. and cultural phenomenon of the modern age. The department leads the students to take contemporary arts into consideration, while incorporating materials. techniques. ideologies. and culture of the Eastern traditional arts.

2) Department of Western Painting

The Department of Western Painting aims at nurturing professional human resources who correctly understand various contents and forms of the contemporary arts based on the huristic arts education. actively joins and contributes to the arts development. The department provides various curriculum for the ability for the observation and expression. basic practicing subjects to understand the basic principles of formative arts and unique visual ideas. theoretical classes based on critical views. in-depth major subjects and creative seminars based on discussions to nurture the students to play in the local and global fields of arts.

3) Department of Sculpture

Ever since the Department of Sculpture was first founded in 1984. the department has worked tirelessly to bring out the potentials of the aspiring artists by establishing curricula that combines art theories and studio work The department has set a goal to guide the sculptors to be world-class artists.

Department of Korean Painting Sundoo Kim 82-31-670-3098 isongart@hanmail.net
Department of Korean Painting Baikgyun Kim 82-31-670-3095 baikgyun@naver.com
Department of Korean Painting Sangreol Cho 82-31-670-4847 cho2827@cau.ac.kr
Department of Korean Painting Gilwoo Lee 82-31-670-3096 gilouuo@yahoo.co.kr
Department of Western Painting Jonggu Lee 82-31-670-3103 dec54@hanmail.net
Department of Western Painting Youngho Kim 82-31-670-3105 objetkim@chol.com
Department of Western Painting Younghan Chung 82-31-670-3101 paintchung@cau.ac.kr
Department of Sculpture Taegeun Yang 82-31-670-3128 turart711@hammail.net
Department of Sculpture Sangmin Lee 82-31-670-3125 smglasss@naver.com
Department of Sculpture Hoyeol Ryu 82-31-670-3122 homato@hanmail.net
Department of Sculpture Bernd Halbherr 82-31-670-3126 mail@berndhalbherr.de
Department of Find Art Taiwoong Kang 82-31-670-3102 taiwoongk@gmail.com


Department of Korean Painting

Personal studio

The department has a major designated building just for the students studying sculpture. Within the building there are different types of studios to suit each student's needs: outdoor stone field, metalwork, and woodwork studios, fully supplied with equipments and materials for the students.

International exhibition and exchange program

The department held joint exhibitions with famous foreign colleges of arts including Novi Sad College of Arts in Servia and the National College of Ornamental Arts of Straasbourg, France in 2011 and the National College of Formative Arts of Stuttgart, Germany.

Department of Western Painting

Future-oriented curriculum

The department offers various curricula that combine both theories and hands-on experience, which lay the grounds for the students to develop visual thinking and creativity for their own works.

Tailor-made creation

The department provides individual working spaces for the students to work with freedom and creativity.

Department of Sculpture

Different lecture styles to suit the students' needs

The department believes that motivation plays a big factor in students' creativity. To promote such, different lecture styles were created to suit students' needs. The studio classes are not just professors' lectures; there are many discussions among the students and professors with many 1-to-1 interactions, group seminars, lectures open to all major students, and excursions.

Enrich artistic skills through exchange programs

The department has an exchange program with Central Institute of Art in China and Nanjing University. Every year. CAU's Department of Korean Painting holds drawing workshops with guest speakers from Brookhaven College and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Department of Korean Painting

Gallery artist. professional artist. professor. teacher. curator

Department of Western Painting

Professional artist. curator. graphic designer. arts researcher. artwork preservation specialist. arts therapist. colorist

Department of Sculpture

Sculptor. curator. director. stage designer. interior designer. 3D graphic designer. landscape designer

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