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Cultivate people of talent for a cultural industry and the creative activity

College of Arts is an educational institution well-known for its long history and the outstanding reputation. Recently, to come up to the society of knowledge industry, we broke the walls of the existing department. For the communication and the fusion of study, we reorganized our major field of study with 5 colleges (Performing Arts and Media / Fine Art / Design / Music / Korean Music). Through the balanced education, we support a cultural industry and a creative activity.

Department of Industrial Design aim to train for an executive ability of design and an international experts of design management. The purpose of this department is to develop the ability to solve a practical question and carry out various design projects.

Students need to acquire analytical ability of a life style and a fashion trend and the ability of designing, managing, creating models, facing Human Factors Engineering. This major train for versatile professionals in the field of product design, design management requirements, including 2D, 3D digital design skills, and advanced media literacy.


College of Arts
Chung-Ang University


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